How to order and Save on your purchase on iHerb.com, coupon codes for TW, HK, MO, MY, NZ, CA, CN, RU, JP, US and worldwide

Do you know What is iHerb.com?

iHerb is one of the biggest websites for supplements, Herbs & Homeopathy, Personal Care, Grocery…etc.

From iHerb.com, you can purchase supplementsnatural herbsbath and beauty productscosmeticsbaby productsfood and groceries and supplements for dogs and cats.
Go to iherb.com and you’ll find over 1,200 brands such as NatrolNow FoodsDoctor’s Best21st CenturyNature’s WayOptimum Nutrition and hundreds more.

iherb coupon code PDQ369 for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, United States, Australia and worldwide

Top 8 reasons to make iHerb your Number one choice!

  • Triple Guarantee: Value, Quality & Delivery
  • Authentic reviews from purchasing customers
  • Assurance of freshness and quality
  • Air-conditioned and super clean warehouses
  • Solid commitment to personal privacy
  • Enhanced 256-bit encryption with tokenization
  • 24 hours /7-day customer service
  • Eco-friendly initiatives

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Here is a step by step guide to ordering from iHerb and tips to Save Big. Let’s go!

STEP 1: Create an iHerb.com account

You need an iHerb account to do any purchase from the website first. 
Fill in the information required as shown in the image below, and then click on the“Create Account” button.
Now, let’s start shopping!

How to order and Save on your purchase on iHerb with promo code
How to order and Save on your purchase on iHerb

STEP 2: Add items to your cart

After choosing everything you need and filling up your iHerb shopping cart, there are a number of ways to save more at iHerb.

➤ ApplyiHerb Rewards Code:

Enter iHerb promo code [ PDQ369 ] get 5% off on every purchase. ( HK/TW/MO/CN/AU/NZ/SG/JP/KR/MY/TH/CA/US/SA, worldwide and No Expiry Date)

iHerb ptt-How to order and Save on your purchase on iHerb with promo code
How to order and Save on your purchase on iHerb

➤ New customer offer:

Enter iHerb coupon code [ PDQ369 ] to get 15% off any order for New Customers.

➤ Shipping Saver – Free Shipping!

For example, Free Shipping for Orders over USD60 to Taiwan,  over USD40 to HK, KR, TH, and CN. And Free Shipping for Orders over USD20 to the United  States. (It depends on your country.)

➤ Quantity Discount:

When you buy in higher quantities, more discount you can get. Like an extra 5% to 10% OFF.

➤ Combo offer:

Watch below the add to cart button to see if there is a 「Combo offer」 like in the image below. And you can buy the combo items at a cheaper price.

how to make your iherb order cheaper on iherb

➤ Trial Items:

You can pick up a 「Trial Items」 on every order. 「Trial Items」 are like 90% off for you. If you’re interested in a product but not sure if it is for you. Just try by 「Trial Items」.

iherb coupon codes PDQ36 for Hong Kong,Taiwan,Macao,United States,Australia,Malaysia,Singapore,New Zealand, Philippines,and worldwide

STEP 3: Finish the order By entering promo codes PDQ369 ]

When you’re ready to make the purchase, go to the Cart page by clicking on the cart symbol at the top right-hand corner.
Don’t forget to ENTER the coupon code [ PDQ369 ] into the 「Enter Promo / Rewards Code」 box to get 5% off for your every order.
After you have successfully entered it, you could see the iHerb discount code applied immediately as the image shown below.
If you’re a new iHerb customer, get an additional 15% off with these Promo Codes: PDQ369 ]

STEP 4: Choose shipping methods

You can choose the shipping supplier you want. I recommend you choose the way can be FULL tracked, like SF Express, UPS,  DHL Express. 
Sure they might be expensive a little (but usually it’s free if you choose like we mentioned), but they’ll be tracked easily!
Trust me, you’d like to track where your order now.

Shipping Estimates-iherb instruction

At this step, don’t forget to enter iHerb reward code [ PDQ369 ] to get at least a 5% discount. And make sure that you choose a trial Items.
Now, ta-da~! You just complete your order. So easy and so fast, isn’t it.

For my experience, I buy all the supplements nuts, peanut butter, and alternative-sweetener on iHerb for my ketogenic diet /Low-carbohydrate diets. 
After every order, you can get 10% loyal reward return, it extends for 2 months. You can use it on your next order. Besides loyal reward, iHerb has a lot of promotion and promo code, you can use more than one code for your order. 
Like you can use your loyal reward and iHerb promo code PDQ369 at the same order. Meanwhile, you still can earn new loyal reward from this order! How cool is that, right!

You can always find high quality and low price stuff here. like iHerb exclusive brands California Gold Nutrition (CGN), FungiologyMild By NatureAzeliqueMadre LabsSierra Bees … etc.

iherb coupon code PDQ369 for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, United States, Australia and worldwide
iherb coupon code PDQ369

1、Скидки за количество
Купите 2 и более товара рекомендуемой торговой марки и получите дополнительную скидку за количество в размере 5-10 %.

2、Бесплатная доставка или скидка на доставку
Чтобы воспользоваться бесплатной доставкой или получить большую скидку на доставку, сделайте заказ на общую сумму от ₽1,306.52.

Зайдите на страницу спецпредложений, где собраны дополнительные скидки на многие популярные товары.

4、Сэкономьте еще больше!
Расскажите другим людям об iHerb с помощью нашей программы вознаграждений.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s buy more and save more together!

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